Questions to Consider

As you conduct the research process, keep the following questions in mind.  Your research should lead you to answer all of them!

  1. How do historical details and allusions enhance your understand of the themes Harper Lee is exploring in the novel?
  2. Why does Lee use specific historical details in the exposition chapters (1-9) in order to establish the setting for her story?
  3. How do allusions to the Scottsboro trials support Lee’s argument in the novel?

Project Overview

Project Overview: For this project, you will collaborate with a group of your peers to
create a Museum Exhibit (to be presented in the Media Center on June 23, 2018) that explores a theme from Harper Lee’s novel, To Kill a Mockingbird. Specifically, your group will be tasked with showing how various allusions and historical details from the text inform your group’s understanding of the text’s theme. After researching these allusions and details as a group, each student will contribute their own artifacts to the group exhibit.

This pathfinder is designed to assist you and your classmates as you research, discover, and develop your exhibits.  Please feel free to ask for assistance at any time from Mrs. Martinez-Ross or your English teacher.